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∞ Hipster Magazine ∞
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∞ Hipster Magazine ∞

~∞Welcome To Hipster Magazine!∞~
CAUTION ~ Entering Fashion Zone~
Our motto:
"Anyone can be a hipster as long as you believe."
This is a new, growing Fashion Group.
We do fashion shows, Photo Shoots, and maybe even some parties 
Checkout the group runway!
Super Model- 2 wins
advanced models- 8 wins
Elite models-10 wins
Platinum model-20 wins
Board of directors-30 wins
Managers-40 wins(unless ur my friend)
No Hacking
No saying "I'm not Going to win"
No rude comments
No exploiting, flooding, or C4ing
No advertising!
Fashion shows will start at 5 Hipsters at the runway ^.^ P.s. Hipsters are Models!
Created: 6/12/14


Groups have the ability to create and sell official shirts, pants, and t-shirts! All revenue goes to group funds.

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