Hakkyo Oni (99% Done)

By OozyGamer123

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Eun-hyeok (you), who is a protagonist, and three other kids you don't know the name off, venture of into a haunted house said to be haunted by a bloody monster that plays tricks on its victims. Eun-hyeok and the others encouter the monster once they enter and split up around the mansion. Now you must escape the house while solving puzzles and avoiding the Oni. (JUST LIKE THE REAL GAME!) Note: The reason it says 99% Done is because some rooms are still under construction, 2 characters aren't done, and the Happy Ending isn't complete. Other than that, the game is identical to the original except for key renaming, key relocations, and new keys. (This game has no popups and is scarier than both Heta Oni and AO ONI combined. MUCH more scarier than those two combined. And There are NO hiding spots. Good luck.)

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    You Got Normal Ending!

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