HS-1 Highway Simulator (Being Rebuilt)

By Elevatordude23

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The Highway Simulator Driving Game Simulates Los Angeles, CA And Is Updated Daily. All Updates, News, And More Info About The Game Are Below Upcoming Updates: -New & Improved Traffic Signal Systems (In Process) -Freeway Upgrades/I-5 Extension (Next Monday) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Future Updates: -Freeway Upgrades/I-5 Extension (Next Monday) -Road Lines -Better Signalized Intersection Camera Systems (Dropped) -Better Traffic Signal Intersection Equiptment (In Process) -New Freeway Offramps/Signs/Gantrys ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Updates: -System Lag Fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News: The New TCE Traffic Signal Pole For 2014 Has Been Built And Are Ready To Start Being Sold. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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