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The Wolverine

By soldierguy10


The Wolverine in The Marvel Universe.James "Logan" Howlett is born with claws.Attended Project: Weapon X to get adamantium claws.Joined the X-Men and become a hero.The Wolverine is part of Soldierguy10's Marvel Heroes Arcade Universe.Wolverine is also part of Cosmicsurfer's Marvel Mutant Measure.Wolverine is heading to Japan,Land of the Rising Suns.He wants to be the Ultimate Samurai and he will be an Ultimate Hero in all of Japanese History.He will be teached by The Silver Samurai.HYDRA is involved with the Japanese ever since they lost World War II.Baron Von Strucker wanted to do something to Japan like invaded it.Silver Samurai with an army of Hand Ninjas.Elektra is also a member of The Hand and so is Hawkeye,also known as Ronin.He is the member of The Avengers with Iron Man,Spider-Man,Hulk,Captain America,Hawkeye,Thor,Silver Surfer and Deadpool.

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