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ROBLOX Famous People Tycoon

By Khalia24

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It's a Tycoon! Grab a base, complete the obby, and get money! You can also go to the store, and buy stuff. Like spray paint, color tool, hats, gear (even swords), and games! Also have a race to see who finishes there tycoon first! (Tip: Use the obby to get ALOT of money! 250 dollars for each time you complete it!) Get the first 20 badges by completing my game, and get 1k R$! (Yes, I look like I'm a newb, I'm not. I have ALOT of R$, 25k. So..... Don't ask why I have no limiteds. I don't want any. >.<)

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This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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