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Pacifico (School Opened, Game Pass Police SUV)

By phily241


(REQUIRES A GOOD COMPUTER AND FAST INTERNET CONNECTION) Welcome to Pacifico, California, a fictional town in northern California near the bay area. -- Pacifico is a small coastal town with a population of about 4,000. -- Explore; see the waterfall, hang out in houses with your friends, engage in police chases, rush an ambulance to an emergency, or work at the coffee shop as a barista and spell people's names wrong. -- BASIC RULES: Please DO NOT loiter or try to trespass into property that is owned by another player. Obey the rules of the road. Remember other Roblox rules as well. -- Cars in the game were modeled entirely by myself. Scripts were made in collaboration with Rellica. SS3 chassis on the vehicles were made by the Inspare team. -- Anyone ruining your game experience? PM an admin their username with what happened and the player will receive appropriate consequences. You may also appeal for ban removal.

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