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Angry Birds Role-Play 3D

By Buzzlightyear32123

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NOTE TO ALL: An exploiter joined this game and added an inapproriate script and made a video about it and put it on youtube. I am NOT affiliated with any of the stuff the exploiter did. Remember to report the youtube video. NEW ANGRY BIRDS RPG IS IN THE MAKING, IT WILL BE ON THIS GAME: Thanks to idiots like 2012Angrybird, I will probably never bring this game back. The so called "fans", claim they want this game back in the most rudest way possible. For the last time, when I'm NBC, I can only have FIVE game slots. Get that through your sick twisted minds! For the fans that have been respectful for me, I am truly sorry, but this just goes to show people that one move can affect everyone else. V.I.P: "" V.I.P gives you the advantage of being the mighty eagle/dragon and the space eagle! Only 21 tix! ADMIN:

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4 hours ago

This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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