BASE WARS: The Classic

By Nathen78906


//This game hasn't been updated since 7/13/2012. //The game looked way better before they decided to update the blue and red terrain. Also some update broke the music. Just mute the sound if you don't like it. A Paintball/FPS game. Featuring: Terrain, Stamper Tool, First Person view, and Water. BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND PLAY WITH THEM! Tags:cows, stripes, cats, stealth pilot, telamon, free VIP, funny, awesome, flames, dogs, fur, gir, builderman, anti noob, fat, muscle, super, superman, spiderman, green goblin, joker, jacket, jacked, fun, 1waffle1, cafe, orange, blue, grey, black, red, purple, turqoise, DC, volcom, tan, pink, coolest, best, money, nothing, family guy, stewie, peter, meg, lois, quagmire, giggity, haha, lol, happy time, most contest winner, best selling, roblox, scatman, skull, god, mini, chris, cowboy, spy, zombie, batman, simpsons, bart, maggie, marge, vike, monkey, sloth, pig, evil, dark, roleplay, , pet, life, gear, pizza, tycoon, paintball, school, sim

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