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|| Pool Tycoon 4 || (Alpha)

By dennisvdz


Version 38 introduces a significant amount of internal changes, things may have broken terribly thanks to it, make sure to message me anything you deem broken! --- Pool Tycoon 4! Currently in Public Alpha so a lot isn't finished/glitchy yet... == Feel free to send feedback through the form of a message! == TO SAVE MORE THAN ONE POOL: Reset your pool (Pool Properties -> Reset Pool), then save that pool without first loading another pool. Saving without having a pool loaded will save it as a new one (up to a maximum of 100 pools)! To rotate items press R or click that button in the right-bottom corner of your screen.

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    Town and City

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This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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  • x of y players max
    Slow Game
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