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** UPDATED 7/22/15 ** -IF YOU DON"T HAVE THE UPDATES YOU ARE ON AN OLD SERVER! TRY TO JOIN A NEW SERVER -BRAND NEW ROLLER COASTER! "The X-treme Thrill Dragster" built by Maelstronomer -Fixed Givers -Fixed Run Tool -Added Day/Night Script -Added Morph Magic GUI -Added signs to two rides to where the controls are!!! Welcome! To the brand new, revamped, ROBLOX Carnival! There are lots of brand new rides, attractions, and the brand new drop tower, "SkyScreamer!" It is like a brand new game from the last ROBLOX Carnival, improved with a lot more to feature. Come play and I hope you have fun! Thanks so much for all your help and support for this game thanks for all the likes and favorites this game has! I'm really grateful for them, thanks so much everyone! IF YOU HAPPEN TO FIND ANY GLITCHES OR RIDES THAT DON'T WORK, MESSAGE ME AND I WILL GET TO IT ASAP!

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