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Build, live and fight! BE ANY1 AND SWAMP REGION

By elderlylopV2

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fight and build, this is limitless! Create tall skyscrapers! Or an awesome army troop bunker! Buy the game passes for extra tools! Like rocket launchers! Post some ideas to make the game better. If you have any problems please post a comment about it! Please favourite the game and thanks for playing! (If you did) Admin's: DARKLORD176, pesgamer and me. If you are an admin, every time you respawn, make sure you type 'fix' and the commands will work again. If you enjoyed the game please favourite it. Thank you. Don't spam about admin if I don't give it to you. Thanks and plz comment it helps me get my game on the front page. Admin: VIP coming soon.... Don't buy the shirt, buy the pass. I thinkit works. Srry if u bought the shirt. BRAND NEW UPDATE: Adds a shop KO's and WO's Blood script BRAND NEW UPDATE (2nd update): New spawn (beautiful!) New volcanic region EXTRA UPDATE: Kick script Admin gam

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