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[DEV] Titanic Simulator - V0.0.5

By ColdUndermined

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Follow my twitter for news, contests and updates! This will be the most realistic titanic simulation in roblox. It will have every aspect that people enjoy in titanic games in this one game, This includes a realistic boarding of the ship. It will not get right into the game, There will be assigned roles I recommend not buying access until this game is ready, No refunds if you do. There will be my normal development stages such as Open ALPHA/BETA. If you do purchase this. Do NOT expect it to work until ALPHA stages, There will be a time were I will decrease the price of the game for paid access. Note: Im working on this while im on holiday, So the actual game is more updated than the one thats published here. Development Log: - Scripting game's core scripts. This will be the same until V0.1.0. - A basic version of the Titanic. This ship will be more advanced as development goes on, For now its just got the essential rooms/things in it.

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4 hours ago

This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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