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transformers roblox in disguse!!!!!They are to protect the human race, whether the decepticons unravel, or a deeper revalation dawns, the autobots and humans fight together. send me messages about my game i may reply i will try my hardest to *say join Decepticons or join Autobots * link for vip ** if door dont work means noobs broke it and means go to new server to shoot in air press n to stop pull out chain gun press m to take off again with transform mode on if morphs break find new server cause its caused from noobs blowing things up right by them to much kk thx.

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  • You played superma415's Transformers
    You played superma415's Transformers

    you have played an epic game you are truely a awesome transformer

    • Rarity: 55.0% (Easy)
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    • Won Ever: 19161
  • omg u are a awesome finder
    omg u are a awesome finder

    good job

    • Rarity: 0.0% (Impossible)
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    • Won Ever: 336
  • Omg you got superma415 autograph!!!
    Omg you got superma415 autograph!!!

    sooo lucky you are young transformer :D i give credit to skaterboy4 for the decal

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