[NBC in desc] Crash a Plane into JB's mansion

By iWants


NBC: http://www.roblox.com/NBC-Crash-a-Plane-into-JBs-mansion-place?id=122562903 [LIKE IF YOU ARE COOL] VIP IS 10 R$ http://www.roblox.com/VIP-for-survive-the-plane-crash-into-JBs-mansion-item?id=82280900 >>MAKE SURE YOU PUT ON THE T SHIRT AND RESET BEFORE GOING IN THE DOOR<< Yes I will sell admin for 1,500 robux... Message me if you are interested If the plane is not there, it is in another trip, just wait there for it. (New update)=Be careful of JB in the winners area! Grab a gun and pwn him before he kills you! and, There are cars and UFOs and other things to play with in the winners area. Vip is done! Here is the link: http://www.roblox.com/VIP-for-survive-the-plane-crash-into-JBs-mansion-item?id=82280900 Join this please: www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=991999

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