Island Creator

By NatNProductions

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Create a Island Place using a Easy to Use System, up to 100 Tiles! Select Objects or Terrain or Weather on a Tile! You can have Terrain, Object, and Weather on the same Tile. Leave Blank for no Tile! Change the size by clicking the arrows to change the grid size. Forgot whats on a Tile? Just press info on a Tile! You died on your place? Just click Teleport to Island! Want to visit a Friend? Just type in a Name and click Teleport to Friend`s Island. When done with the Tile Grid, press Create Island! Larger Island will lag and slow down the Island Creator Things to do: Sell homes or add homes by editing the map! Change the Weather for Different Seasons! Own a house and morph into a animal! Visit the Hangout where everyone can visit!

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