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By roxas12222


Code lyoko Made By Moon Scoop Rpg as: Odd, ulrich,yumi,Aelita,Jeremy Digital sea: i will make it soon as i can replkas: go to mattjoshs games to do the replka Monsters: i will add them as soon as i can fix insert tool ban: i band all the guest from the game your welcome Commands: franz, zana, energize, navo, navy, navu, xana/ulrich. Skid: to get in the main skid say xana/ulrich to get into mini skids say navo navy navu say energize to go to one of those fake worlds morphs: pm your own lyoko charchter so i can make it and tell me the shirt and pants hair and other things so i can make it cool Credits to: Xanaguy because if it wasent for hem or zacisepic100 or jamesholeman1000 i would not be on the same page thenk you how to use the tower: go in it and then change the color for red tower blue tower white tower or a green tower Updates will come up and up so Plez say the word Code lyoko by roxas1

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