Hunter's Life V4 [DELTA PHI]

By kaeto


By popular demand, you can now be black In Hunter's Life V4, you live in medieval valley of Valtharrow, where you seek to make your living as a Hunter, and if you choose, raise a family. FAQ: - Back-end lag is INEVITABLE. It's a very large game. - Bandit gangs respawn in RANDOM spots at the beginning of each day; if you kill a gang in a particular spot one day, a new one may not return there for a while. This is absolutely intentional; not a bug. - It is said explicitly in the tutorial that you may only hold one weapon at a time. For example, if you chose a sword as your starter weapon, then purchase an Elven Bow, you will lose your Sword. This is to emphasize the attributes system, and encourage players to team up with players with differing weapons. - To have a kid, you must make your spouse as happy and as well fed as possible. Then, when spoken to they will have a make child option in their GUI. Credit to Fubl for the Horses. All other models or scripts were generated

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