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Salisbury & District Bus Simulator

By StageCoach


Welcome to Salisbury. Salisbury is ROBLOX's leading Bus Simulator that boasts a modern, unique and realistic fleet, with a realistic feel for both Passengers and Drivers. Salisbury is the only Bus Simulator on ROBLOX that is realistic and successful- so why not play today?. Salisbury is just like a real Bus network, it is fast-moving with an ever-changing environment, so play ROBLOX's most realistic Transport game today! Bus services on the game are mainly provided by Compass- please join here to Drive- ~General Rules~ Spawn ONE vehicle only, spawning more will get you banned. Follow all instructions from Admins. Remain seated on Buses- you will be banned if not. DELETE your vehicles after you are finished- we do not invest time into placing Delete Buttons on our vehicles for the fun of it.

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