Survival: Apocalypse (Filtering Enabled!)

By Garnold


UPDATE INFO: I'm currently testing out a new airdrop system, which when called in will drop a care package of one of 3 qualities. They can be called in only by using the radio (2 Pure Plastic + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Wire), and might contain items that are unattainable by normal means. In addition to this, Offshore (persistent) storage is finally in. By using the radio, you can call in a helicopter to deliver a PIN-locked loot crate to your location. This loot stays even after you leave and join another server, allowing you to bring tools, items and more from one server to another. HOW TO STORE ITEMS/TOOLS: Originally a modification of Survival 303 by Davidii, in 2010 Survival: Apocalypse became an instant success, taking the front page by storm, and pioneering the survival game genre by bringing a post apocalyptic world into the mix. Over the years, the game has sustained its popularity through a loyal fanbase and constant updates.

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Game Badges

  • Crate-Movers

    Open 5 Crates, and discover their contents.

    • Rarity: 0.00% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday: 0
    • Won Ever: 37067
  • Colony Man
    Colony Man

    Survive for atleast 25 Minutes, In a Colony.

    • Rarity: 0.00% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday: 0
    • Won Ever: 63662
  • Solo Survivor
    Solo Survivor

    Survive for 25 Minutes, without a Colony.

    • Rarity: 0.03% (Insane)
    • Won Yesterday: 4
    • Won Ever: 59822
  • Extreme Survivor
    Extreme Survivor

    If you have this badge, then you must be doing something right. Surviving zombies, pyros, raiders, and don't forget, random killers for one whole hour takes a heck of a lot of skill. (<-- Does not imply that random killing is allowed.)

    • Rarity: 0.02% (Insane)
    • Won Yesterday: 2
    • Won Ever: 24369
  • Zombie Hunter
    Zombie Hunter

    Killing zombies, it gives a feeling like no other... Kill thirty zombies to get this badge

    • Rarity: 0.01% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday: 1
    • Won Ever: 24436
  • Zombie Annihilator
    Zombie Annihilator

    You must really have a passion for killing the undead. Sixty zombies... At this rate, this "Zombie Apocalypse" will soon fade.

    • Rarity: 0.00% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday: 0
    • Won Ever: 10375




4 hours ago

Passes for this game

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  • More Inventory Space


  • +50% Forage Rate


  • Double Offshore Storage Capacity


  • 3x Offshore Cooldown Reduction



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