Monster Jam Freestyle *NEW TRUCKS*

By Ryvx


Do freestyle in a monster truck stadium with a lot of custom monster trucks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATES: *You can now buy GEAR for this game. Click on the "Store" tab next to the "About" tab and buy it there :) It also really helps me because I get a bit of profit and it helps YOU by giving you access to the gear in-game. Thanks *NEW TRUCKS!!! Added two GREAT-looking new trucks that you will surely love driving, to insure that the trucks look their best, i'd suggest turning up your graphics to 8. *Added stadium lights AND added a glass walkway to the stadium seats with two doors to enter the stadium hallways. *Fixed trucks that would flash a gray screen when their regen button was pressed. *Fixed trucks that would have pieces fall off when their regen button was pressed. *Fixed trucks that wouldn't spawn when regen button was pressed. *Removed some ramps and fixed and re-textured some ramps. *Re-textured the ground to fit the game. *Replaced old trees with fresh be

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