[RAID] The Shadow Legion Fort Fang V.3

By tadcool

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--Give full credit to PSPjohn1,(I have purchased the fort from him and he allowed me to use this fort) http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=158036234 If you raid you will lose. Cause TSL is the best good luck raiding. READ BEFORE RAIDING --An SHR must have admin for the raid to be valid. 1. No uniform raiding [Includes Disguising as one of our members] 2. Any form of exploiting is prohibited 3. No Speedhacking, Noclipping, Superjumping 4. Admins are allowed to use commands if need be. 5. No auto wins what so ever 6. If you "Camoflauge" or wear all grey if your on the raiders you will get kicked for Uniform raiding, Yes all grey is our uniform. Admitted Commands for admins [h, m, sm, place, pm] Any raiders that would like to set up an official raid, contact tadcool, the owner of this fort and TSL. This fort belongs to [TSL] and not any other group. There needs to be 1 HR, one COM, and 1 SHR at this fort to raid. Flaming is permitted You have one

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