Red Vs Blue Vs Green Vs Yellow (NEW MAP!)

By wickedblackdragon


Log: Fixed blue tower regen! Fixed the Torch! Changed the skybox! Evened the Towers & Reduced regenerating time! Added hole and trampoline! Added a store/shop GUI! Modified GUI aspects! Extended trampoline to fit the hole! Added more items to shop! Added a new map and a moving feature in the borders! Send me a your suggestions on what to add/modify next! Thank you! --------------------------------------------- Welcome to Red Vs Blue Vs Green Vs Yellow! Here you can battle against 3 other teams, you can also work together with your friends to destroy the enemie's bases! (Or even yours! XD) Use The torch for when your in dark places like in the towers! Remmember to use those explosions wisely, otherwise your whole team will pay the price! And rememmber to keep running AWAY from those swordsmen! Enjoy! :) --------------------------------------------- Tip: Bring a lot of friends with you, the more the better.. Some noobs have stolen this place, don't worry about them.

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