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Hong Kong MTR v.1.5 (Going to have auto train)

By alexchow

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Welcome to Hong Kong MTR! This game is a train game which is about Hong Kong MTR. MTR started in 1979, untill now, it already become a famous railway in the world. Wish you will know the Train stations about Hong Kong! :D------------Rules: Only 2People can control a train each time. One driver drives forwards and the other driver drives backwards in same time. DO NOT WALK IN THE TRAIN TRACK OR THE TRAIN WILL BE BROKEN! --------How to use the phone: First, ytpe the phone number of another player, if you cant call him, maybe he/she is talking on phone!----About admin: In my game, there are some admins and I wont tell their names. If they kicked you or ban/kill/loopkill/jail etc. , just rejoin the server, don't send me messages about admin!

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4 hours ago

This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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