Star Wars: Battlefront [Alpha][Bug fixes]

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This game is %100 free, all classes are now free!. You need a GOOD internet connection to play this. Alpha testing: This is alpha so there will be a lot of bugs! READ BEFORE PLAYING: To win the game, you need to capture and hold the control points, make that your main goal! Join the fan group here: Joining the group shows your rank in-game. To get promoted your ELO needs to reach a certain amount. Once you reach the requirements, send a screenshot to a general+ in the group. Please thumbs up the game as it will help me a lot on release! This is still very early release, probably a lot of bugs, and a lot of features to come still!. Your ELO increases for winnings rounds, so focus on objectives! Controls: Tab = view leaderboard ALT = Change class E = Play character sound Cantina made by Chalmun

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