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Star Wars: Battlefront [Alpha]

By StrategyGames


You need a GOOD internet connection to play this. Alpha testing: This is alpha so there will be a lot of bugs! READ BEFORE PLAYING: To win the game, you need to capture and hold the control points, make that your main goal! To play the game as any class besides the default class you need to join this group: it will also show your group rank in-game! To get promoted your ELO needs to reach a certain amount. Once you reach the requirements, send a screenshot to a general+ in the group. Please thumbs up the game as it will help me a lot on release! This is still very early release, probably a lot of bugs, and a lot of features to come still!. Your ELO increases for winnings rounds, so focus on objectives! Controls: Tab = view leaderboard ALT = Change class E = Play character sound Cantina made by Chalmun

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  • B2 Super battle droid [Droids only]


  • Bounty Hunter [Empire only]



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