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Ocean Bubbles!

By Exelaratore

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Every journey may be a thrill, but later on, the joy which seems to last forever Pops. we try to retreve that missing part, the fun we've all enjoyed, and it all starts over again. Welcome to Ocean bubbles! Derections: as you see there are two bubbles ready for you to hop in! if you hop in one it SHOULD fall ontp the winding path of still water. if the bubble seems to not be working with you, simply jump, and walk off the edge please! if you try to cheat, you will fail and die... if you complete the track you should earn one point! and with the points you can chose from many gears to play with! if you earn 25 points, you can earn a free vip! Thankyou, and have a nice journey!

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4 hours ago

This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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