~Zombies Invade School~ [Under Renovations]

By asdfjkll


== CURRENT VERSION: v2.0 build 5 Welcome to Zombies Invade School. This is an original place created by me so please do not copy this. Note that until the next update there will be no zombies as leaderboard is getting replaced. When spawning you may spawn on the second level or the roof (depending whether your a teacher or not). Also the school's lighting system will be undergoing major overhaul to take advantage of the new lighting added to Roblox since the last update. UPDATES v2.0 build 5 Two rooms renovated on the second floor Gymnasium has reopened with new floor TWEAKS v2.0 build 5 Zombies now count towards kills A player's forcefield will now turn off when infected by a zombie Fixed spawning as neutral problem Rockets now go faster AUG now has higher damage rate UPDATES v2.0 build 4 -Most classrooms on first floor now renovated -Cafeteria has been renovated -Lighting added to one of the hallways in the first floor including the common area outside room 110 -

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