Roblox Flight Simulator 2011 (RFS11) Scenary.

By jonopeo

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Alrite guys gonna start updating again when possible been very busy. Not going to actually start making 2012 yet for some time due to some disruption with my time i can spend on due to coursework. (IMPORTANT :I must stress this is not in any way shape or form WWIV it has no scripts planes buildings or anyuthing from it. It was built way before WWIV even got firstly made public. If your struggling to play please click the HELP on the main menue GUI.------------------------------------------------------ Now hosted on this account. Dr01d3k4 gave it to me to update and keep going. Welcome to ROBLOX flight simulator 2011. Fly to other airports and countries in various planes and helicopters.How to Fly- When you enter the game select your plane and place you want to spawn at. Then simply go to setting and press play at the bottom. Click the tool and press E to start you engine. M to speed up. N to slow down. UYTHJK are keyboard flight controlls for direction. RFE for other aircrafts.

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