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Create your own pirate ship, then set sails!(Desc)

By jored7

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Build And Sail your Own Ship! Rocks will sink parts of your ship to Davey Jones Locker, so whatch out!!! There is building supplies for a base, a crows nest, sails, and even supplies for the poop deck :)! There is a purple regen button ifso just step on it to respawn the suplies. Now in this updated version there is 2 docks, and all the glitches are fixed (or if there is any i dont know about them =P). Also if you get bored of this, there is a more intense Create your own pirate ship 2!(just go to my page (jored7) and find it in my places!) Rules: 1. NOOOOOO DELETING OTHERS CREATIONS!!!!!!!!! 2. NOOOOOO MASS COPPYING!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. No Helping build others things WITHOUT permission 4. No Boarding others ships WITHOUT permission 5. HAVE FUN!!!

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This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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