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How to earn ROBUX with the ROBLOX trade currency!

By MasterTrollPwnz


I have figured a way that can give you more currency! No scam at all. All it takes is using the trade currency. Come to my game to see the instructions! This was made for robloxians to have it more of a simple way. If you were just confused on other people's way, try this one. It's the most simple profiting way for currency use the trade currency! Some people dislike probably because they don't understand, and do it wrong. If you don't understand, just remember you can always PM me about. I will not reply to people who ask in demand, example: "I DONT GET IT TELL ME". I also don't reply on someone who doesn't tell what they need help with, don't say "I don't get can you please tell me?" You have to be specific on what you want me to tell you. Don't ask me with hashtags, try typing your words clearly.

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