★~United States Airlines~★

By Brennen5000


Controlls- you select a mission and then select back and press ok then to start the engine press "E" and you will see the engine turn on then you hold "M" to go and one you are at ur top speed you can let go of it to land you hold "N" to slow down and stop the plane "G" takes the landing gear off and on and then one the gui at the top goes away then u kno u have completed the mision so click the esc button on ur keyboard. _______________ Objective- your objective is to complete all the missions (if you are confused about where you are going look at the top there is a distance gui and if the distance is getting bigger then u are going the wrong way but if it is going down then u are going the right way) if there are any problems please pm me! ( i am working on badges and makeing a new vip shirt!!) have fun!!!

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