Pilot Paradise™

By Zephyrical


Game Pass VIP should now work more smoothly with the traditional VIP. Game Pass VIP members can now use all of the traditional VIP perks. This game is a relic of a 2008 game by NearmissTFW updated to 2012 standards, then replaced with some of my own creations. Around 30/50 planes are his/hers and the scripts are all highly edited version of his/her own. ***If you abuse the military planes by attacking innocent people, then the people in the server as well as the admins have every right to kick/ban you from that server.*** 18/38 planes have the new updates. Others won't get it. VIP: Now available through the Boeing gamepass, which unlocks 7 planes and 2 new teleports. To be half-VIP, join this group: http://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=223529. Basic Controls: Y-Start X/Z - Stop/Propeller Off M/N - Speed up/Slow down U/J - Up/Down (Helis and blimps) R - Landing Gear L - Level Plane V, click on plane, F (B on Phoenix) C - Change Camera (New Planes only) (

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