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Garry's Mod

By Telemus

Sorry, this place is currently closed to visitors.
The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering. Private Message Telemus to request access.


Current Version: Revision 1804 V_21 Release -------------------------------------------------- To get models get some from my profile, I am not going to go out of my way for one person and add a model they want. PM me overtime and I might make one like it. -------------------------------------------------- NEW SECRET EASTER EGGS!!!! Welcome To Sherknock´s R_Construct Here Your Imagination Is Your Only Limit In Garry's Mod (Game Experience And Content May Change During Online Play) ------------------------------------------------- If you find ALL the easter eggs on the place (7) MSG me with the names of them and the location so ill give you VIP (Not admin, Thats so much) -------------------------------------------------- All Copyright goes to Mental Mentor Studios @2013 MMS CR

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This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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