Slender in YOUR House

By cutepuppy445566


Story: You come home from school one day to find soldiers by your house. "Whats going on?" You ask. "Slenderman is in your house", one of the soldiers say. "Stay out here, you'll be safe." You don't listen to the soldiers and go in your house. You see a tall slender pale face figure when you walk in. You must survive him to stay safe. Good luck with that... [UPDATE] Everything is back to normal! With all the people playing, you made Slenderman confused, so without him looking, you all freed the Easter Bunny :) Want to wear a Slenderman T-shirt created by me? Then go here: Note: These ARE free models, I dunno how to make my own. But, please. don't hit the thumbs down button just because they ARE free models. Play the game first, then rate it. ~I would like to thank Robomauler246 for helping me out~

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