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pokemon hoenn region!

By pokemonranger99

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the best pokmon game ever created by me with animation become a master any problems send a message its the newest game out with reall pokeballs... and also the pokeballs are 3d!! and they have special effects when you capture pokemon legendarys included!!! now i finished making it i added the most important final thing..pokemon STARTERS! and the badges dont work becuas im not bulders club anymore but i might try and upgrade the game but sorry the starters are you now out off order so dont bothere takng them just collect 6 pokeballs from the machine be for you go on your journey grab a hoenn region tshirt and hat and off you go! oh and i added starter morphs inside a house in the village so you can turn into starters instead and more information on the new oblivion region! on the first episode he meets raikou on the mountain thunder striking everywhere i know where you can wach it. you can wach it on pokemon the official website go on videos and the last one down youll see is it wach i

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4 hours ago

This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.


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