Naruto Shippuden: The Fourth Great Ninja War (RPG)

By damage264

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Naruto and his teamates must fight the evil Kabuto and Tobi (Obito).They have started The Fourth Great Ninja War.I would like to thank Friaza, Friaza gave me the inspiration.This is mostly a rp game.This is mostly a rp game but you can fight if you want but most of my tools sometimes damage Health.Thanks if you visited it means alot to me hope you like it thx.The Zetsus do not attack they just follow you.Make sure and get my badge.If you really love my game you would Press "Add to Favorites."If you want a badge its located at the Final Valley.I recently added "Edo Tensei Jonins" so check them and don't forget to bring your friends and remember you can be Ranked.When you enter the server pick a side "Uzumaki" or "Uchiha"

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