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(contest entry) Sk8 then explore on a MOUNTAIN!

(contest entry) Sk8 then explore on a MOUNTAIN!
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Temporarily contest entry. RIDE DOWN THE HILL! BRING YOUR SKATE GEAR!
This is a Marines Military Training Ground for the Marines in the Robloxian Armed Forces. I'm Falchon, the General and Leader of the RAF Marines. Here, they have to survive 10 days together in the mountains with a lake to eat from and drink from. They have to work together to survive, then they are truly an RAF Marine. -Falchon, Leader of the Marines 
   Message me if you want to join the Marines, and message KTJ if you want to join the Robloxian Armed Forces.
Builder: Falchon
Joined: 5/1/2008
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Updated:4 years ago
Max Players:12
Genres:Skate Park
Allowed Gear Types: