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§Weeping Angels§ Try my new game echo games!

§Weeping Angels§ Try my new game echo games!
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Thumbs down: 7
Can you Survive the Monsters of Time?
If you get stuck or camera falls off reset it happens only once.
The Angels are active during the night when it turns into fog all those planks and boxs are moveable with the move tool. The gun is too kill Angels

Tags:Fun,Guns,Hack,Exploit,Ghost,Stone,Rpg,First,Person,Shooter,Angel,Reap,Hunger,Games,Game,Everything,Vak,Rat,Vortex,Security,Group,Base,War,Sewer,Weird,Creepy,Scary,Haunted,Ghouly,Addicting,Boss,Fight,Fighting,Combat,Blood,Oyus,Llama,Obby,Obstacle,Spawn,Ship,Space,Conquest,Oyus,british,English,England,britain,Doctor,Who,Doctor Who,Caves,Cave,Ghost,Dark,Pop up,Guns,Haunting,Haunted,Space,Build,Survive,Run
Builder: cameron99
Joined: 2/16/2008
Updated:2 years ago
Max Players:11
Allowed Gear Types: