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Weapon Quest

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Weapon Quest_Image
Weapon Quest_Image
Weapon Quest_Image
Weapon Quest_Image
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The Quest For The Ultimate Weapon Rages On. Battle Opponents to Prove You Are The Strongest Warrior Worthy of the Ultimate Weapon. 
Fan Club Open! 
There is a VIP shirt onsale... The real one is the invisible one that you can accually buy(find it here 
There are 3 class you can buy for weapons: Warrior: Assassin: Master:
Map Expansions Added Find the Expansions In Game Passes
There are Two Hidden Weapons If You Find Them You Will Rule The Game. The secret weapons are in givers that sometimes break but will regen. Plus now that some blocks are indestructable a so warzone effect is added by destroyable blocks. Admin Include:Everyone who has a portriat. Don't ask me for admin it ann
Joined: 12/28/2011
Updated:9 months ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: