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Warrior Cats~ NEW Lake Territory

You need JavaScript enabled to view this video.
You need JavaScript enabled to view this video.
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Warrior Cats is a book series by Erin Hunter. I strongly suggest you do some research on the books before playing this game, players will get irritated if you do not play by the books.

Here are some guidelines/rules you might want to follow:

*I am no longer updating any of my Warriors places. Please read my bio for more info, and do not ask me to sell/uncopylock this game* 

Tuwtle, MermaidJulia, FuzzyKitteh, RaChu, SamanthaKP, and Vizavi are the admins. Do not ask for admin, you will be ignored. The admin commands save logs of all the commands used, so I can tell if they abuse admin or not.
Builder: Mandaka
Joined: 2/8/2009
Updated:2 days ago
Max Players:30
Allowed Gear Types: