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The House

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The House
The House is more than likely being taken down for room. This house had a great time being featured from ROBLOX on their social media sights, as well as a small appearance in a blog post. However, this house is fairly old and I no longer believe it brings justice towards my architectural skill level that I've obtained over the past few years. In return, I am working on other houses and buildings that are much more detailed and interesting. I would like to thank all of the people who visited this game to get it to where it once was. Without that, this game would have been deleted a long time before. If you are interested in seeing the new houses that I'm creating, feel free to visit my profile and search for a game with them. Although they probably aren't finished I enjoy letting people see my work during the process of building.
Miner's Mountain: Industry vs. Nature Log Ride

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Miner's Mountain: Industry vs. Nature Log Ride
This is my first actual ride that I had ever completed. Nothing about this ride is complicated and it breaks quite often. However many of the ways it was created resemble rides made in earlier ROBLOX times, which some people enjoy. This ride has been around for awhile and I enjoy keeping it open in my places, because it's a classic game of mine that is still frequently visited. The "Fast Pass" system I originally had planned will not be built and most construction on this game has stopped, meaning I will probably not fix any problems that occur based on ROBLOX updates or overall game issues. If you have any major concerns feel free to message me and if it gets out of control I will try my hardest to fix the game.
BLOXIA Themepark

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BLOXIA Themepark
This is an older place, which was intended to be a realistic themepark, but did not successfully work out the way I intended it to. The park was mainly inspired by places such as Disney, where there are themed areas in which the guests could visit. Although this park did not turn out the way I wanted it to and it never will (I will not be doing any construction on this game or finishing any of the rides) I still enjoy visiting it. As I've said, this park is older and not updated to ROBLOX physics since I finished a year or two ago. If you have any major concerns, message me and I'll get around to fixing it if I have enough complaints. NOTE: I do NOT visit this game often, if something is wrong I will more than likely have no idea. Which is why I need you guys to point them out to me!
MICROpad: A New Look into Urban Housing

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MICROpad: A New Look into Urban Housing
This is a new housing project I recently began to see how well I could build a microhouse in ROBLOX. As of right now, only one house is near completion. There will be two more beginning construction soon and may be close to completion near the end of Summer. Each house is the size of one parking spot, with a patio, as well as a community garden. The homes are replicas of microhouses located in a parking deck in Atlanta, GA designed by the Savannah College of Art & Design. Each house is meant to resemble the horses built in Atlanta, but may have changes made by me to let it fit into the game.

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