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iFunny :)
iFunny :)
How do I look?

Twitter: @IPlayFootballRB
Steam: UnclaimedPants (with the wanted picture of pants)

Twitch: IPlayFootballRoblox

My Skilled Scripters Code is SS-91106

Scripting Helpers Code is SHV-faBJQ-Wnire
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iFunny :)
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Destroy Everything -- Beta v.0.1.5

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Destroy Everything -- Beta v.0.1.5
*Working on a huge update for v.0.1.6* Rules: You have to destroy every brick in order for it to regenerate back. That means even the small green blocks from the ladder have to be destroyed. Earn money by destroying the objects. More coming soon! Update log: V.0.1.5 ~ Fixed lag? Fixed the regeneration of the objects. V.0.1.4 ~ Island for the objects v.0.1.3 ~ No Loading Intro Gui, totally changed the map for the greater good. v.0.1.2 ~ New Developer Products for points. Fixed intro. v.0.1.1 ~ New instructions and loading screen to help players understand how to play
[BACK] Survive The Tsunami Wave

Visited 48,455 times (163 last week)
[BACK] Survive The Tsunami Wave
Fixed finally! Message me if you think I should add more.


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