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Control this and bang this, then watch it rise higher
Than anything seen in your entire
Life spent in chains, sonic live wire
Electrified rain from the lips of the driver
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Neuro City V2

Visited 367 times (367 last week)
Neuro City V2
V1 was outdated. My map-making ability is better now. Same theme, aiming for the same or similar atmosphere, gameplay will be the same concept.
Neuro City V1

Visited 51,603 times (365 last week)
Neuro City V1
Since I started this project, my map making skills have improved quite a bit. I no longer feel this place is an accurate display of my skills, and for that reason I am starting a new Neuro City. I may continue on this map, or I may not. I am not sure. But here is the V2:


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