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Cave Story Fan Club
I have a head.

I'm currently working on completely recreating UPvP with different mechanics, more maps, and music. If you have suggestions for the game or want to submit a map, send me a PM.
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Super Roblox Rush!

Visited 33,740 times (182 last week)
Super Roblox Rush!
Welcome to the sequel to the classic racing game, Roblox Rush! With laps, boosts, perks, 10 diverse powerups, 2 game modes, and 9 interesting maps, this game is a whole new experience from its predecessor.
Roblox Rush! (Classic)

Visited 91,204 times (154 last week)
Roblox Rush! (Classic)
An old racing game that began development in 2009. Utilize 6 different powerups on 11 maps in order to reach the goal first. I don't work on this game anymore, so significant updates are unlikely.
Bombs and Rockets

Visited 187,723 times (134 last week)
Bombs and Rockets
A classic BrickBattle map with some newer Roblox features.
Cheese Factory (OLD)

Visited 12,753 times (24 last week)
Cheese Factory (OLD)
Work together with your friends to make cheese then sell it to the consumers. GUIDE: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=26163294
Ultimate Player vs Player

Visited 1,797 times (6 last week)
Ultimate Player vs Player
(6 maps, send me your own if you'd like it to be playable.) I'm currently in the process of making this a balanced, competitive fighting game.
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