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Hia dere! Well, I guess you're here to stalk me so.... >.<
I play a lot of sports(or at least did until I hurt my ankle), I've very out going and hyper, so if you follow me, GOOD LUCK >:3
My best friends are scarynerfgunner, HuntToKill100(love dis guy:3), avery2243, amazingabbyrocks, Sarah831123, Dragoman774(c;),SayThe,surgargirl458,michelletes, and many others I'll list when I feel like it XD

A very special friend of mine though is valery89 and she's my Buzz. You hurt her, you'll regret it. Have a nice day :3

Two roads diverge in to wood,
And I, I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference
Robert Frost ^0^

Welllp Buh-bye stalkers :3
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