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User PointsPlayer Points: 140 Clan PointsClan Points: 3,072
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Viridium Tech: General of the Army
Starlite Coporation: Private First Class
Do I Accept Friend Request: Depends
Do I Take Promotion Messages: Yes
Do I Hack/Use Cheat Engine/Exploit: No
Do I Like Guests: Depends
Do I Donate: No, so don't even ask
If you need anything and I'm not responding, it means that I have read it, I just didn't have time or can't answer. Thanks for your time reading this
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Order of the Dragon (OotD)
Pinewood Builders
Survival: Apocalypse Fan Group!
Survival: Pre-Apocalypse||Developers
Viridium Tech
Viridium Tech Academy
Viridium Tech: Engineer Division
Viridium Tech: High Ranks


Friends: 51
Forum Posts: 118
Place Visits: 356
Knockouts: 9,254
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 50%

Active Places

Survival: Pre-Apocalypse||The Story of Fort Scott

Visited 298 times (1 last week)
Survival: Pre-Apocalypse||The Story of Fort Scott
Welcome to the past of Survival: Apocalypse's Beautiful city. World War 3 has lasted for more then 10 years now. It has taken a heavy toll on society. Many people went crazy and now, you must survive this demented world. ======================================= ~Planned Updates~ More weapons(Tier II and Tier I) Surprise 2013 Update More buildings More materials ======================================= Map by: BubbNutt ======================================= Credit to: Garnold and all S:A Staff for buildings ,scripts, tools, and GUI ======================================= ~~~~UPDATE~~~~ Finished Makeshift Barricade(I) and a couple of minor bug fixes.
Mai Buildingz - :D

Visited 32 times (0 last week)
Mai Buildingz - :D
If you want to dis me about how bad I am at building, feel free! ======================================= Hint: Vul Strunmah - This should help with figuring something out
{UNFINISHED}Viridium Tech: Viridia

Visited 9 times (0 last week)
{UNFINISHED}Viridium Tech: Viridia
Submit 200x200 buildings to put in here! PM me the link and I'll add the model into it. ======================================= Moved to my profile due to security issues in VTcity account ======================================= Credit to: irishkiller225, goopy100, and Garnold
Survival: Apocalypse||Deserted City

Visited 6 times (0 last week)
Survival: Apocalypse||Deserted City
Newest version for a surprise update utilizing the new Roblox enhancements. ======================================= Docks are being finished and I'll be moving onto the city soon
{UNRAIDABLE}Viridium Tech:Fort Bubbles

Visited 11 times (0 last week)
{UNRAIDABLE}Viridium Tech:Fort Bubbles
~Updates~ Vendors work but are kinda glitchy. Almost completely finished. ======================================= ~Group Link~ ======================================= High security fort made to maintain any invasion that comes from the tunnel on the other side. ======================================= ~Note~ Normal raiding rules apply. Also, no flaming. Flaming can result in a kick, ban, or punish command. Don't do it! Exploiting will also end with ban and winning of enemy side.


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