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Lego building
Lego building
Hey im legoyoda99.
I'm the proud owner of Lego building. (New group, join today.)
I make good games, but it is hard to compete with the masterminds behind games like- "My hangout", "Shoot rockets at each other lol", "Guest25015's House", and lets not forget games like "Poolparty hangout", and "Guess that freemodel".

I mean these are just masterpieces. Its really hard to beat their creative use of free models. I mean they are just so cool! I especially love the countless drive down a hill for admin, now give me my robux games!
She: Bye!
He: Ah, finally, I've waited so long.
She: You want me to leave?
He: No. I dare to not even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course. Lots!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: No! Why are you asking me?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Every time I get the chance!
She: Will you ever hit me?
He: Are you crazy? Of course not!
She: Can I trust you?
He: Yes.
She: Darling
Now read it backwar
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City of Plano.
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Lego building
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United Nations Special Operations!


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Destiny RPG

Visited 14 times (3 last week)
Destiny RPG
Shadow of the Dominus RPG.[Beta access]

Visited 6 times (5 last week)
Shadow of the Dominus RPG.[Beta access]
My newest RPG- Mine ore, fight villains, and take the dominus to rule the world of elderas.(this place :D) 63% done. Invite your Friends! Paid access is because this place is NOT FINISHED. Why do i advertise? So people can: -Become a beta tester. -be in the big party once this opens. BUYING PAID ACCESS WILL GIVE YOU ADMIN WHEN IT OPENS!
Price: 25
Buy Access Buy Access
Hard core Battle 95% complete

Visited 11 times (1 last week)
Hard core Battle 95% complete
The main builder of this place is(legoyoda99).Some of the models may have been made by Lego Building (Please join ♥). -Legoyoda99 From Lego building. ♂ There will be a party when this game is complete.
Funny talk HQ

Visited 6 times (0 last week)
Funny talk HQ
If you would like me to build somthing like this Pm me. (it will cost robux.)
Acid escape.

Visited 2 times (0 last week)
Acid escape.
Tags: Ghosts,Darkness,Zombies,Town,Military,Shooting,Guns,Fighting,Paintball,skydiving,water,waves,fun,obby,speed,football,baseball,NFL,MLB,basketball,soccer,swimming,neighborhood,dodgeball,free,sale,kestrel,clothing,tiger,wolfram,jason,chucky,michael,myers,freddy,night,camp,christmas,thanksgiving,easter,halloween,scary,space,astronaught,adventure,black ops 1,black ops 2,open source,nbc,bc, ,bunchbunches,survival,angrybirds,RUN!,eat,kill,die,flying,running,Creeper,Bowser,Kirby ,Mario,Steve,what does the fox say?,Link,Zelda,Brawl,SSBB,cart ride,Mineblox,minecraft,Mobs Gta Koopa Survive the disasters,Justin Bieber, boys and girls hangout,kohls admin house,building,all gears allowed,The hunger games, noob,cool,Epic face,Swords,Luigi,Orange,R.U.N,gear wars,Training,escape jail,robot Uncopylocked,copylocked,skate,Plane,Crash,Tycoon,Town of robloxia RolePlay RPG Plane Crash Castle,the stalker,sword fight,fencing,hat,package,catalog Life,Slenderman,racing,apocalypse,school,theme park,min
City of Plano[ITS BACK]

Visited 497 times (0 last week)
City of Plano[ITS BACK]
Please favorite and thumbs up. Were now selling admin. (kohls temp) Look in the game passes, new game passes every week! Please note that this USED to be a groups place.
Name that character (100+ stages!)

Visited 3 times (0 last week)
Name that character (100+ stages!)
At the moment there is NO ADMIN! If someone has admin then they are HACKING.
The blocks.

Visited 13 times (13 last week)
The blocks.
This is a game show, where you pretty much do obby courses, doge bullets, and last, answer questions.
Island builder.

Visited 13 times (1 last week)
Island builder.
Build like you mean it....


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