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1.Highlight the numbers
2.Press Ctrl+F
3.Press 9 or 8
I can mentor you in SF for 10 robux every 10 minutes. (one hour costs 60)
At the moment i am collecting starfaces, my goal is to get 1 of each. all i need is the purple starface and crimson starface.
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Active Places

Shadow of the Dominus RPG. [ALMOST DONE!]

Visited 126 times (2 last week)
Shadow of the Dominus RPG. [ALMOST DONE!]
If you bought beta access you get normal admin. If you buy admin AND you bought beta access you get Perm admin! For the Cave VIP you must buy the t-shirt= To buy an ad, Pm me. [ALL ADS ARE HALF PRICE] Pm me for ad prices. [[These ads are for places only...]]
Name that character (100+ stages!)

Visited 15 times (1 last week)
Name that character (100+ stages!)
At the moment there is NO ADMIN! If someone has admin then they are HACKING.
Sword fight on the toilet

Visited 28 times (0 last week)
Sword fight on the toilet
Sword fight on the giant toilet + doge background! Show off your skill in the manliest place on earth! _________________________________________ __________[NEW] THE TOILET________________ _________________________________________ I may add a VIP called "Flush" (Deadly water sprays everywhere)
Temple run for admin! [PARTY]

Visited 287 times (27 last week)
Temple run for admin! [PARTY]
Full credit to brandonwild11 for part 1! Like the app, in this you run fast, doge obsticals, and get coins! But unlike the app, theres a end, and at the end theres admin! Ideas? Comments? Problems? Pm me! Also if you would wish to make a map (part 5) make it as a model and PM it to me. Please favorite and thumbs up! [Please note that Perm admin (gamepass) has all the Normal commands] [The commands at the end of the game are really basic commands] Tags- Temple Run, Obby, Fun, Hack, Hax, Summer, Winter, Uncopy Locked, Roblox, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, History, Past, Monkey, Bananna, GamePlace, Virus, Scan, Edit, Cframe, LoganWallace25, Epic, Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Grandmal, Grandpal, Flosky, Kirby, Lmad, Sword, Fighting, Death, Admin, VIP, Mega VIP, Super VIP, Beach, Free, Party, Famous
[Lego Building]:Building Arena

Visited 28 times (0 last week)
[Lego Building]:Building Arena
This is where Lego Building has contests..
[Funny talk]: HQ (WIP) 94% done!

Visited 66 times (1 last week)
[Funny talk]: HQ (WIP) 94% done!
If you would like me to build somthing like this Pm me. (it will cost robux.) Group:
2D Swordfight...

Visited 1 times (0 last week)
2D Swordfight...
FT Theater [NEW]

Visited 23 times (0 last week)
FT Theater [NEW]
St. Louis cardinals

Visited 14 times (1 last week)
St. Louis cardinals
1 vs. 1 swordfighting.

Visited 2 times (0 last week)
1 vs. 1 swordfighting.
Game passes are 25-50% off during summer vacation! Try to spawn kill :P you'll probably just get killed... (the reason there is a max of 2 players per server is because its a 1v1)
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