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Proud Christians
Proud Christians
Name: The Lone Wanderer (actual name unknown)
Weapon: Any, If it kills, I'm using it.
preferred Weapon: Combat knife or Machete, Sniper rifle if at long range, if at medium: Revolver.
Reason for wandering the Wastes: unknown, legend says he has a vendetta against the Wasteland and does what he can to kill it.
Hated enemies: Raiders, anything at irrationally attacks me or my friends, evildo'ers.
For Hire: Yes
Expensive: depends
Cheap: not at all.
Story: I was a normal person. Spent 14 years in the Marine Corps before retiring to a nice house on the countryside. Just before the great war, I had a shelter built under my house, it was functional, but i had a back up, just in case. the war came, and the shelter was low on food, so I took my wife and son out to the backup, which was overstocked on food. However, on the way there, the family was kidnapped one night by raiders. they planned to sell them to slavers, and they brutally murdered my wife, and sold my only son
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Proud Christians
Proud Christians(REVAMPED)
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Fort Echo
Fort Echo. Ahh that place brings back memories. Memories of an Ancient battle between two forces, one I can't tell you of, and the other was an arrogant army defeated by 5 men. I was one of the Five.


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Ninja Mask of Fire
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 12
Red Paintball Mask
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R$: 45
LOL Day Cap
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Tx: 10
Narwhal Beanie
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Redcliff Archer
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Post Apocalypse General
#429 / 2000
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 75
Spike Dangerous
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 100
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