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Lethal Organization
Lethal Organization
Yeah, I'm not famous, but...

My overall work (Active and Removed):

- The Camp Creature [Active ; 3 Years]
- Hypothermia: The Arrival [Replaced]
- When Bad Things Happen (Walkthrough) [Replaced]
- Slender Man on a Plane [Replaced]
- Paranoia: Into the Tunnels (Voted scariest of all my projects) [Active; New]

New Projects in the making:

- Newer version of my Slender Game [Yes, making it scarier...]
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Lethal Organization
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Major updates coming.
A new game coming soon not ready yet dont play

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A new game coming soon not ready yet dont play
The Camp Creature v1.0.4 - [OLD BADGE HUNT GAME]

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The Camp Creature v1.0.4 - [OLD BADGE HUNT GAME]
- THE SCARIEST BADGE HUNT GAME IN ROBLOXIA! - [CLICK THE DOOR ONCE TO OPEN IT] [SHOOT KILLERS IN THE TORSO FOR INSTANT KILL] - "The Camp Creature" is a first person horror game that contains a badge hunt. You must find all of the badges by being guided by notes you will find that also provide clues. You do that while at the same time trying to avoid the paranormal Creature himself, as well as the other killers you will meet upon your search, who are minions of ScaryRocco13, the wealthy robloxian who took over the camp. [GUN GLITCH]: Your gun may glitch if you shoot while running. If so, just reset. It doesn't always happen though. [VIP/Change walkspeed =] [MEGA VIP/13 Different Commands!] =] (Report any abuse)
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ScaryRocco13's Place Number: 28


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