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Gσt A Prσblεm?...Sσlνε It!
Think I'm Trippin?...Tiε Mч Shσε!
Cαn't Stαnd Mε?...Sit Dσωn!
Cαn't Fαce Mε?...Wεll Turn Arσund!
Lσvε Mε?...Grεαt!
Hαtε Mε?...Eνεn Bεttεr!
Think Im Uglч?...Dσn't Lσσк At Mε!
Dσn't Likε Mч Stчlε?...Dσn't Lιкє Yσurѕ!
Dσn't Knσw Mε?... Dσn't Judge Mε!
Think Yσu Knσw Mε?..Yσu Hαvε Nσ Idεα!
Think I'm A Losεr?...Find A Trophy!
Think I Havε No Lifε?...Go Find Onε!
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